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Our wheelset is put to the test by a bicycle racer in Sonoma County.

First flight on Razz Wheels


I9 Hubs with Nox Skyline 27.5 rims, SAPIM Race double-butted spokes.

I refuted the concept of carbon wheels for MTBing for a long time now until a huge bend on my rear aluminum wheel forced me to consider a new wheel set for my XC rig. After getting talked into getting carbon rims to further lighten my rig, with hookless inner walls to boot, I felt that would propel me way beyond my technology comfort zone. Nevertheless, it was time to try because Razz Wheels' price was right. Hmmm, carbon wheels and price = Made In China...I don't know about that.

The Razz Wheels build included a high quality build and all the high end products one would expect at a much higher price. Resulting in almost 1 $ per gram, it was hard to believe that my 650B wheel set was delivered with the latest tech and weighing in at 1400 +/- grams for the price of a much lesser wheel set.

Attention to detail was important in the build delivery with a variety of choices for color matching and for weight requirements. Also, a re-tensioning of the spokes after the minimum break-in period is all part of the Razz Wheels quality delivery to the customer.

Time to ride:

Still skeptical of the whole Razz Wheels Pipe Dream, it was time to believe or get my money back and go for a much lesser off-the-shelf aluminum wheel set.

On the maiden ride, I was immediately impressed with the Razz wheels over the previous aluminum version. The ride on the hardtail was stiff on the climbs resulting in great pedal transfer but not too stiff that would result in a harsh ride over the bumpy rock gardens. The wheels felt razor sharp all around and I could not focus on how my freshly bled brakes were doing as the wheel set stole the show.

Was it the incredible engagement of the I9 hubs? Was it the outstanding response of the Nox hookless carbon rims? Was it the choice of the rounded spokes over the flat blades? Was it the red nipples over the black? It didn't matter, because what did is how Razz Wheels put it all together to deliver a ride that far exceeded my expectations on all accounts.


What are you waiting for?

500 mile review to follow:

See you in a few months.

~ Ario

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Rider Testimonials

What bike racers are saying about our wheelsets and custom bike builds.

Charles did a fantastic job building my new mountain bike. He built it with precision and patience. He was meticulous with everything... by making sure the cables were just right, the shifting was crisp and spot-on, the brakes were at the perfect reach... all this made it look PRO! He even dialed in the suspension. It was love at first ride! Charles has also saved me a few times with last minute emergency fixes. He saved epic rides and kept me from logging a DNS at a cross race. His work is nothing but excellent. The time and energy he puts into his work shows in the finished project. I'm sure I will be back to Razz Wheels and Bike Repair.

Dennis Brodowski

- Santa Rosa, CA

On the maiden ride, I was immediately impressed with the Razz wheels! The wheels felt razor sharp with excellent pedal transfer, but not too stiff. Razz Wheels put it all together to deliver a ride that far exceeded my expectations on all accounts. Razz Wheels are a professional quality build that include high-end products - all at an affordable price point!

Ario Bigattini

- Petaluma, CA

Razz put together my Santa Cruz Stigmata just in time for the Grinduro. I wanted a more suitable ride for long hours in the saddle. I let Charles know what I was looking for and he helped me make a parts selection, based on my needs and riding style. He was able to get just the right parts and had it put together super fast. Now I have the bike I have always dreamed of! Charles has great attention to detail, and made sure that I had no issues for the race. Everything was fitted perfectly which was evident when I took my first pre-ride. I highly recommend Razz for bike builds and parts selection - they really know what they're doing.

Creg Jackson

- Marin County

On a group ride with Charles I noticed that my deraileur wasn't shifting to my lowest 2 gears. When we regrouped, Charles grabbed a 5mm wrench and in a few short moments my rear shifting was back on track! Thanks Charles!

Jason Clark

- Santa Rosa

Razz Wheels has been my number one go to location. The attention detail, quality workmanship, and expert knowledge of all bikes is second to none. I have had the pleasure of getting my mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, and road bikes all worked on by Charles at Razz Wheels. They are a pleasure to do business with and I would highly recommend them to all !!!

Rahi Kamfar

- Santa Rosa

The guys at Razz are awesome! I race MTB's, XC and enduro and a full season of cyclocross and Razz has not only built all my bikes but keeps them in top shape and running smoothly. They have built wheels for me and glued tubular's and I have had zero problems. Any time I have a problem they get it taken care of fast and done right. I love having these guy's in my corner and you will too!

Mike Warren

- Sebastopol

I had a chance to demo a set of wheels from Razz Wheels for my custom Comare cross bike. Outfitted with the razzle dazzle build, a set of I9 classic road hubs laced to nox skyline carbon rims, and some WTB riddler tires in 38mm size. It was suggested that I run no more than 50psi, since the rims were hookless bead. With 35psi in the front and 40psi in the rear, I was rewarded with a compliant ride and tons of traction.

With a little over 100 miles of mixed terrain, the wheels performed flawlessly. I normally run aluminum rims, and the carbon added a bit of compliance and comfortability that allowed me to ride without thinking about them. I really like them and would refer Razz wheels to any cycling enthusiast.


- Petaluma, CA

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